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Shit Happens

This was written a couple of weeks ago, but I was only able to get to an solid internet connection connection to do a proper post. They call it Montezuma’s revenge in Mexico, but I…

Galapagos Wonderland

For two glorious weeks in November, I went to the Galapagos Islands with Scuba Diver Life aboard two different live boards to see as much as we could both above and below the water. The following…

At Terminal Velocity

I struggled to fight back tears as I stared out the window of the small plane. The ground moved ever further away and I took deep breath after deep breath trying to rid myself of what I perceived to be negative feelings. There was no room for them in what I was about to do. Despite the tears, it wasn’t sadness, it was something else entirely. The instructor whose rear-end I straddled on the bench in front of me turned and asked how I was doing. I couldn’t remember her name. At that point, I couldn’t remember my own name.

Taking Over the Skies

“You see how the nose dropped when we started this 45 degree turn?” the flight instructor asked. Oh I definitely did. I saw how the nose dropped alright, and I felt the queasiness in my…