Protecting the Guilty

Since much of my life wasn’t spent in solitude, nearly every memory… every story is going to involve some else. Or many someones. Some of these someones may not appreciate their names being spattered all over the internet for the world to see, especially associated with some of the stories I have dwelling in my memories.  Some of those someones may actually be respectable now (HA!), and fear other someones finding about what they did during those missing years of their youth.

In light of that possibility, I will use different names when I speak of other people, unless I know for certain they don’t care about me using their real names.  It’s also entirely possible I will select a name for said someones that is a bit of a friendly jab. Because if I have to make up names for people, I may as well make it fun.

If you are one of these people from my memories that I have written a story about, or you fear (or hope) I’m going to, feel free to let me know your feelings on the matter.  Until I hear otherwise, though, I will not use real names.  If certain someones feel as though I have told a story too well and they could still be identified in it and don’t want to be, also feel free to let me know that and I will adjust said story.  I’m easy like that.  (yes, I’m often easy like that too. Shut up.)

So, I don’t use different names to protect the innocent, I use different names to protect the guilty. You know who you are.

I may post pictures though. But nothing that isn’t already on Facebook. If you are in one of these pictures and would like me to remove it, just ask.