What the hell is this blog?

Over the years I keep hearing from people…

“You should write a book.”

“You really have a lot of interesting stories.”

“You’ve done a lot, you should write about it.”

“You’re not getting any younger, you should write down what you remember before you forget it all.”

Okay, so the last one was me talking to myself.  The point being, there seems to be a subset of some [very strange] people who think I have interesting stories. It could be that they’re just yanking my chain, or they tell me that to try and get to shut up after I bore them with my constant self-centered yammering.  Maybe they think if I write, I won’t talk their ear off anymore. But, it could be that they have a point. I have done a lot, met  a lot of people, and had my share of adventures. (Which are not over yet, mind you!)

Whenever I’m talking to people casually, eventually I’m going to say something along the lines of, “That reminds of this one time…” [at band camp].  Wait, I did go to band camp, I do have stories from that too.  Like cutting my big toe half off in the showers. Or holding hands with and kissing…. hmm… well, *that one guy*. 😉

But, I digress.

I find the idea of writing a book about oneself to be a bit, shall we say, narcissistic.  I have to wonder, who the hell would want to read a book about ME?  And how does one go about writing a book about oneself in a manner that entices people to want to read it? While I’m not sure of the answers to these questions, I do know one thing:  I am the subject I know the most about.

However, many of my stories are not necessarily about me.  Many times I just happened to be witness to something spectacular, or someone else doing something interesting, or hilarious.  So in reality, these stories aren’t so much about me as they are about what I’ve just happened to have seen or done with other people.

Since I can’t just up and write a book in a snap, I thought I’d test the waters with a blog.  Let’s see if I’m even able to capture in writing what I seem to have skill conveying pretty well verbally.  Let’s see if these Random Memories from a wandering Gypsy Soul are actually of any interest to anyone.

So, here we go.  Me, about to humiliate myself for all the world to see. Sharing random memories with people, should they want to read them.

Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the guilty. I don’t know anyone who’s “innocent”.